The Dreaded Transitions

I know transitions for us can be difficult. There are tools we can use that make those transitions for our children with disabilities easier. 

A timer (some kids gets anxious when the timer is counting down - you can use a timer that counts up). Here is a link to an online count up timer 

Visual Schedule - prediction of his/her day could help with transition when the child knows what's next.

First/Then Schedule - First we are doing this and then we will do that. The visual of the activity helps too. 

Choices - Too many choices can stress our kids out too much, but we should always offer choices (when appropriate). An example with household chores. Give your child 2-3 choices. 

Reward often - AT FIRST! Then slowly but steadily increase the length between rewards until your child is transitioning with ease! 

Here is an example of the set up and visual we have at my house.